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What is Interactive Marketing?

Both marketers and customers have wanted more personalised content for years (probably decades really!). And, in 2020, tech is now catching up to this demand.

New technology is making an exciting evolution in digital content: interactivity! In the age of personalisation, interactive content is now being used to increase engagement and create immersive, individualised experiences online. An overwhelming 93% of marketers agree that interactive content effectively engages consumers (versus 70% for static content) according to Falon.IO!

Why the difference you ask...

With interactive content, users become active participants, rather than passive readers. This, in turn, boosts interest and retention. Using chatbots, polls, and surveys, you can also collect user input to deliver immediately relevant, personalised content.

With so many interactive content formats to choose from in 2019, the potential for creativity is at an all-time high. Common categories include polls/quizzes, apps, interactive infographics, and 360° video options. Other formats worthy of attention include social TV like on Instagram and Snapchat broadcasts. The possibilities are virtually endless.

For an example of the push toward interactivity, we can look to Netflix’s recent Bandersnatch film. The movie requires viewers to make a series of decisions with their remote, which then dictates how the ensuing plot will unfold.

While Bandersnatch is more like entertainment, it shows a great shift in the digital world: encouraging user participation and responding to their activities! At its core, that’s what interactive marketing is all about. In 2020, with the diligent benchmarking and monitoring, you’ll be able to discover the ideal forms and levels of interactivity that are best suited to your brand!

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