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Social Media Basics: The Weekly List Every Marketer Needs!

Most people think that being able to do the job of a social media marketing executive is simple, quick & easy... Newsflash, it's really not. I'm going to break down just a small fraction of the work many social media managers (SMM) do for clients with SMM plans.

  • Content Sharing: You must post on social media consistently to be able to grow & maintain an audience.

  • Engagement: Connecting with your audience, via polls, responding to comments & DMs (direct messages), & reposting user-generated content, is key to building that brand loyalty.

  • Monitoring: It’s important to know how your brand is perceived online, so you’ll need to monitor mentions of your brand as well as topics within your industry.

  • Analytical Breakdown: If you’re not reviewing your analytics, how can you improve? This is a necessary part of every social media strategy & should be done regularly.

If you don’t share often, you’ll struggle to build an audience. Without an audience, you won’t have much to engage with. This also means that you’ll have no data about what works well & nothing to review. Now, let’s dive into the daily tasks you’ll need to complete in this role if you decide to take it on by yourself!

Social Media Daily Checklist

You will be focused on the first three pillars daily: sharing, engaging & monitoring.

While there is some reviewing & optimising that can happen daily, you can better identify patterns when you do so on a monthly basis.

1. Sharing content.

Something else to consider is that sharing content doesn’t only mean from your brand. It can include user-generated content or content from another non-competitors that would add value to your audience.t will depend on a variety of factors including the return on your investment (ROI). Something else to consider is that sharing content doesn’t only mean from your brand. It can include user-generated content or content from another non-competitor that would add value to your audience.

2. Responding to comments & DMs.

One of the easiest ways to engage your audience is by responding to their comments. If you’re struggling to generate comments in the first place, try starting a conversation & asking your audience to join in.

Another way to engage your audience is by responding to direct messages. Customers will reach out to brands on social media to learn more about them, ask specific questions or get help. It’s important that you review these questions every day to leave a positive impression on your audience. If you take too long to answer, they might lose interest or escalate the issue by complaining publicly online.

3. Monitor brand mentions & industry-related content.

When you’re growing your business, it’s vital that you know how your brand is being viewed online & what is being said about it.

According to Hubspots 2022 social media marketing report, only 35% of business owners track brand mentions & hashtags on social media regularly. Thankfully with social media, that information is within reach. You can easily set up alerts to be noticed whenever your brand is tagged or mentioned on social media.

You can also routinely do searches on platforms like TikTok where alerts aren’t available yet.

This allows you to gauge brand sentiment & quickly address concerns from your target audience.

4. Identify trends & buzz content.

Trends come & go just about every week on social media. The trick is jumping in as they’re growing in popularity & knowing when they’ve died out. The best way to find trends is by simply being on social media. You may start to notice a particular sound being used often or a song being added to every Reel you come across.

Some social platforms will tell you exactly what’s trending, like on TikTok’s "Discover" tab & Twitter’s "Trending" tab. See what videos other brands & users are creating with that trend. Are they funny and creative? Are they offensive? Do they align with your brand? If not, it’s always OK to skip because there'll be another one coming around the corner.

5. Answer queries on forums.

When we think of social media, we often think of content-sharing apps like TikTok, IG & Facebook.

However, some social apps like Reddit & Quora focus on conversations & community.

You may be surprised to find how many conversations people may be having about your brand on these websites. They're also a great source of information for brand sentiment, you can learn a lot about your audience’s challenges & pain points. You can then leverage that information into value-packed posts to attract your audience!

6. Connect with your brand lovers.

Building brand loyalty is no easy task. So once you’ve accomplished it, you have to invest time to maintain it. This means connecting with your brand lovers on a regular basis.

This can look like commenting on their content &/or sharing it on your platform, giving them access to exclusive content, shouting them out & inviting them to participate during live streams.

And most of all... have fun!

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