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Your Handy Dandy Monthly Media Checklist!

Social Media Monthly Checklist!

1. Check your analytics.

Data is every brand’s most sacred asset. It holds valuable insights about your target audience.

On social media, your data will tell you the type of content your audience enjoys, what grabs their attention & what generates conversions for your business.

So, which metrics are business owners reviewing? Here are the top 5, according to a Hubspot Survey:

  • Likes & comments (41%)

  • Sales (41%)

  • Traffic to their website (41%)

  • Impressions & views (40%)

  • Brand mentions & hashtags (35%)

If you have at least 1 month’s data, you can find out which posts perform the best & why.

Through your analytics, you can also assess which social platforms are worth investing in.

The 3 metrics I look at to make this decision are:

  • Impressions/views

  • Sales

  • Follower or subscriber count

Whether you’re already succeeding or struggling on social media, reviewing your data will always set you up for a better month ahead!

2. Set goals.

Once you’ve reviewed your analytics & know what went well & what can be improved, you can set your goals for the following month.

For example, say you notice that last month’s reels outperformed any other content type & generated 750 visits to your website. For next month, you can up the number of videos you post & set a visit goal of 1,500.

Whether it’s increasing your reach, generating more engagement or driving more traffic to your website, setting goals will serve as your guiding light & allow you to schedule content that aligns with these goals.

3. Schedule next month’s content.

When you’re managing multiple social media accounts, you have to plan your content ahead of time. Otherwise, you risk under planning & not having enough content. You’ve already set your goals for the month from our previous point. So now, it’s just a matter of creating content that best aligns with them!

For example, say you want to increase your reach & last month’s data shows that your most shared content relates to 4 main topics. You can then center next month’s content on these 4 topics.

When scheduling content, you should also think about whether you have any email campaigns, videos or paid advertising campaigns that you will need to share too. The earlier you have your creative materials like images, videos & copy, the easier it will be to create your content calendar.

There you have it – a social media checklist that will have you on top of your game every month.

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