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Private Messaging Apps... Are They Worth The Time?

There are now a whopping 1.3 billion active users on Messenger (the favourite in the UK) and over 1.5 billion on Whatsapp worldwide. With this huge audience, messaging apps present a massive opportunity for businesses to connect with their customers.

In the modern marketing funnel, there’s an important phase that comes after the sale... delighting the customer. The importance of customer experience has blurred the line between marketing and customer service. While many businesses know the value of customer experiences, their customer service channels have not caught up to 2020 consumer preferences!

Since 2015, messaging apps have been steadily gaining traction as the preferred method for customers to contact businesses and this trend isn’t showing any signs of slowing down just yet.

70% of people will now choose a ‘Message Us’ button over a ‘Call Us’ button when trying to contact customer support - I know I would! And with messaging, customer satisfaction improves by 25% compared to phone calls according to Falcon.IO

Convenient customer service is crucial for brand loyalty and trust. 79% of consumers claim they are more loyal to businesses that are easy and simple to contact. And when it comes to messaging apps, 69% of UK consumers say that being able to message a business makes them have more confidence in the brand.

With messaging apps, you’ll enjoy the security of end-to-end encryption and GDPR compliance and by implementing chatbots like you can on Facebook, you’ll be ready to profit from increased efficiency, automation, and round-the-clock availability too!

A survey found that 54% of businesses still aren’t using messaging apps for customer support which shows a lag in the corporate world’s response to this trend! It's beyond me why businesses wouldn't jump at the chance to get this free piece of kit!

Well there you have it folks, companies that make this a priority will be rewarded with more satisfied, engaged customers.

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