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Will 2020 be the “Year of Social E-commerce?"

Will 2020 be the “Year of Social E-commerce? The “Year of Messaging Apps?” Or, maybe the “Year of Interactive Content?”

The short answer is no. More often than not, marketers make bold, exagerated claims that the new year will be dominated by a single, exciting trend - when in fact it definitely won't be!

But the reality is that today’s digital marketing landscape is far too multifaceted to be reduced to a single buzzword. The truth is, in marketing, the theme of every year is always the same: it’s the “Year of the Customer.”

The never-ending goal is to have a better reach, more engagement, and serve both your potential and existing customers at the same time. And, in 2020, there are a plethora of new developments across the digital marketing spectrum which are aimed at helping your business accomplish that goal!

If you want to know exactly how then simply drop me a message and I can give you all the help you need!

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